Squished Lemons

About us

Hi – welcome to Blogging & Browning. We are on a mission to keep our meals interesting.

We quickly became tired of eating the same mundane evening dinners. You know how it is; after a long day it’s all to easy to fall into the trap of preparing your regular easy meals, a spag bowl here, frozen pizza there. 

We decided to do something about it. We aren’t going to stand back and let ‘adulting’ suck the fun out of food. Here you will find our little foodie experiments – we really enjoy creating our own fresh and flavoursome recipes and we hope at least one of them inspires you to try something different for dinner this week:)

For added foodie fun we often plan ‘Themed Meal Plans’. Check them out, if you like the look of one (or two)  dive in and get cooking! Be sure to share your tasty results with us on Instagram & Twitter #BandBRecipes

We started this blog as a means of documenting our ideas and to share them with other foodies. We love to hear feedback so don’t be shy – say hi! .


The faces?

Christopher Browne:  Cook-face & head ‘washeruper’

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 18.25.10.png

Zoë Blogg: Occasional ‘kitchen dabbler’ editor & food-taster

zoe eat

Feel free to contact us:

Twitter: @BandBrecipes

Instagram: @BloggingandBrowning

bloggingandbrowing (at) gmail (dot) com


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