Minestrone soup

Minestrone Soup

Zoë: ‘This soup is just vegetables galore. Full of fibre it keeps you going for ages and the spaghetti makes you feel like you have actually eaten something rather than making you feel deprived, like lets be honest, most soups do. ‘

This minestrone soup takes: 35 minutes including prep

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Minestrone soup

Get it:

Two potatoes, diced

One courgette, diced

Four carrots, diced

One red onion, diced

Four garlic cloves, crushed

One tin of chopped tomatoes

One litre of vegetable stock

100g spaghetti, broken into quarters

Lots of Bacon, diced

Two large tomatoes, diced

One teaspoon of oregano

Two teaspoons of dried basil

Two drained tins of borlotti beans

Three sticks of Celery, roughly chopped

Salt and pepper

Steaming bowl of minestrone soup
Steaming bowl of minestrone soup

Make it:

1. In large saucepan on a medium heat, cook the garlic, onion and bacon until the bacon is cooked through and the onion is soft

2. Add the carrots, tomato, potato, courgette and celery, cook for five minutes. Season with salt and pepper

3. Chuck in everything else and bring to boil

4. Simmer for around 25 minutes. Everything should be lovely and soft


Minestrone soup
Minestrone soup


This soup serves:

A freaking army! In all seriousness though we did end up with a lot of soup. It is best to make meals like this in bulk , take some for lunch the next day and freeze the rest for a rainy day.

We love how filling this soup is, you don’t even need a side of bread!

Hot summers day and you fancy a cooler option? Check out our Vichyssoise .



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