Courgette Lasagne

Low Carb Vegetarian Courgette ‘Lasagna’

Zoë ‘After our week of American stye food we are in need of a little detox. We have decided to go with a lean, low carb take on Lasagna. Don’t let the lack of pasta and white sauce put you off, this meal is full of flavour, choc-a-bloc with fresh vegetables and is truly satisfying. The recipe was inspired by Women’s Health ‘Lean & Clean’ week – we hope you enjoy :). ‘

This low carb ‘lasagna’ takes: 45 minutes

Courgette Lasagne
Courgette Lasagne


Get it:

Splash of oil

400g of Quorn (meat-free mince)

Two tins of chopped tomatoes (800g)

Four garlic cloves

One onion

Four courgettes

Pack of button mushrooms

One cup of frozen peas

One big handful of spinach

Small handful of finely chopped basil leaves

Three teaspoons red vinegar

Three teaspoons Worcester sauce

One teaspoon garlic granules

One teaspoon nutmeg

One teaspoon cinnamon

Half a teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional – Zoë likes a kick)

Parmesan cheese for topping (Again this is optional)

Layering button mushrooms
Layering button mushrooms


Make it:

1. Heat the oil in a deep pan. Chop the onion and garlic – add to the pan and cook until translucent

2. Add in the red wine vinegar, splash of Worcester sauce and all the spices minus the basil

3. Stir well on a low heat for 5 minutes. Add in your meat-free mince and a small cup of water. Season with salt and pepper and stir a little until the ‘meat’ darkens

4. Add the spinach, peas and basil, stir and then chuck in your chopped tomatoes  with some salt and pepper

5. Bring to the boil and then simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes. Be sure to test the sauce and add in any extra seasoning where needed

6. Meanwhile, slice the courgette into long thin ribbons. You could use a peeler for this . Slice the button mushrooms in half and then drizzle a little olive oil over them – season with salt and pepper

7. Now go back and take the ‘mince’ off the hob. Pour half into a glass baking tray. Cover with half the courgette ribbons (as if you were layering lasagna sheets) and top with all the mushrooms. Pour the remaining mixture evenly over the button mushrooms and top with the last of your courgette ribbons and grated parmesan (no cheese if you want a vegan dish)

8. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Then serve and enjoy.

Courgette Lasagne straight out the oven
Courgette Lasagne straight out the oven


This clean vegetarian lasagna serves:

6 happy people

How did you like this lean ‘lasagna’ option? If you want even more of your 5 a day we reckon some carrots would go nicely or even some different mushroom varieties.






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