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A week of American inspired recipes

Christopher: ‘You don’t get to have 66% of your population overweight without having some damn good eats!

We celebrated American Independence day with a week of recipes inspired by the U.S.A. We’ve got dishes from New York to California to Missouri to Texas and all the way down to Louisiana.  Now I’ll admit this is not the healthiest week of recipes we have created so far, but what were you really expecting? Not exactly one for the vegans, but for all you meat and cheese lovers like me this is close to heaven. I enjoyed this one so much that I had to expand it to a Beatles style eight day week.

Seeing as its summer time we’ve included mostly barbecue recipes with a couple of American home cooking classics.

 Maybe we’ll try this one again with some Philly Cheese Steak, Alaskan Salmon or maybe even a Maine Lobster. What would you put in your American week?’

Day 1: Fish tacos with fresh salsa

Open fish tacos
Open fish tacos

Day 2: Juicy homemade beef burgers 

Burger stack
Homemade burgers

Day 3: Jambalaya, Jambalaya, Jambalayaaaaa

Jambalaya (sing it)


Day 4: Slow-cooked BBQ pulled pork salad 

Pulled Pork Salad
BBQ pulled pork salad


Day 5: Sticky BBQ Ribs & Wings

Ribs and Wings
Ribs & Wings


Day 6: Homemade Meatloaf

Mash, roast potatoes, vegetables and meatloaf
Homemade meatloaf & potatoes


Day 7: South-Western style two cheese salad

South-Western Style Salad
Two cheese salad


Bonus day – Day 8:  Mac and Cheese

Grilled Mac & Cheese
Mac & Cheese


I think American week has been our favourite meal plan so far – we just love the carbs :’D.

Next week our focus is on Italy !



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