Christopher: ‘Jambalaya is nearly as fun to say as it is to eat. It’s so simple too! Chuck it in a pot, leave it for half an hour then eat. This Cajun delight, is influenced by France & Spain and is a true Louisiana dish.’

This Jambalaya takes: 40 minutes including prep



Get it:

One smoked sausage, roughly chopped -preferably Andouille but we’ve used chorizo cause its easy to find

Two green peppers, roughly chopped

Three sticks of celery, finely chopped

One red onion, roughly chopped

One white onion, roughly chopped

A few raw prawns, peeled and veined

One can of plum tomatoes

Two teaspoons of paprika

Two teaspoons of onion granules

Two teaspoons garlic granules

Two teaspoons of cayenne pepper

One teaspoon of cumin

One teaspoon of black pepper

One teaspoon of oregano

One and half mugs of long grain rice

Two pints of chicken stock

One teaspoon of oil


Make it: 

1. In a large pot on a medium heat cook the onion, pepper, celery, chorizo and prawns until softened and the prawns are pink. Season with salt and pepper

2. Add all the rest of the ingredients in, turn down the heat and simmer for half an hour. The stock should be absorbed and the rice softened. Add more water if necessary

3. Turn up the heat and cook until the bottom starts to brown.

4 Eat. 

This dish serves:

Around 5 people – we saved some for lunch the next day, if re-heating be sure the rice is piping hot before serving and only do so once.



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