Homemade burgers

Homemade Beef burgers: Cheese & bacon and Halloumi & Red Pepper

Christopher: ‘Day two of our American week and its a true classic. Burgers! Vegans look away now…

How could it be anything else? We’ve gone for two different types; A classic cheese and bacon burger and a more Mediterranean style halloumi and red pepper burger. The real joy of this is you can put whatever you want in them. Experiment, have a little fun. A great idea for families is to lay out loads of different toppings or salad items and let everyone build their own! I’m not going to pretend this is the healthiest meal we’ve ever done, but if you use lean mince and go easy on the oil, there is no reason for this to be a heart attack in a bun (though, where’s the fun in that?).

These burgers take: 20 minutes to cook. 30 minutes to make and prep.

Burger stack
Burger stack 🙂

Get it:

500g lean beef mince

Twelve cream crackers

A few a large bunch of parsley, fine chopped

One egg

Four sesame seed buns

One red pepper, cut into four large slices

A few leaves of crisp lettuce

Half an onion, cut into large slices

Six slices of streaky bacon

Half a block of halloumi cut into thin slices

A few good slices of cheddar

Four gherkins, halved

Olive oil 

Frying homemade burgers
Frying homemade burgers

Make it:

1. In a blender reduce the crackers to a fine powder. Mix together in a bowl with the mince, parsley and the egg. Season with salt and pepper and form into four patties. Drizzle with oil and leave on a plate in the fridge to get firm.  Leave for at least 30 minutes

2. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees, in an oven dish drizzle the red pepper with a little oil and roast for 35 minutes

3. Remove the burgers from the fridge and cook in hot griddle pan for 6 minutes on each side. Whilst you’re doing this cook up the bacon and onion in a separate frying pan.  Fry until the bacon in crispy and the onions are soft and starting to turn dark on the edges

4. When the burgers are golden brown on the outside take off heat and leave to rest for 5 minutes. Whilst resting toast the buns either under the grill or in a toaster

5. Wipe the griddle pan dry and cook the halloumi for a minute on each side. Should start to turn golden brown

6. Now build your burgers. We’ve gone for two types. For the bacon one layer: lettuce, onion, burger, bacon, cheddar and gherkin on top. For the halloumi layer: lettuce, burger, pepper, halloumi and gherkin. Add ketchup or mayo as you wish.

Enjoy 😀

These burgers serve:

4 people! – Feel free to roast up some sweet potato chips to go with 🙂


Homemade burgers
Homemade burgers


Who doesn’t like a burger right? Cooking them up yourself doesn’t take long and you know exactly what is going in them.



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