Healthy Banana Pancakes

Zoë: ‘These two ingredient banana pancakes make for a very healthy brunch! Don’t get me wrong, they can’t really be seen as a replacement to your thick fluffy American Pancakes, but they make for a pretty fantastic alternative. Top them with fruit to impress your friends.’

Get it:

Two very ripe bananas

Three medium free range eggs

One teaspoon coconut oil (vegetable oil or butter is fine too)

Six strawberries and a handful of blueberries to top

Optional extras:

One tablespoon plain flour

One teaspoon baking powder

Stack of banana pancakes
Stack of banana pancakes


Make it:

1. In a mixing bowl mash the bananas as best as you can

2. Break in the three eggs and whisk your heart out – now is the time to add in the flour and baking powder if you want too

3. Put the oil into a frying pan on a high heat. When hot ladle out a small amount mixture into the middle. The pancakes are easier to flip the smaller they are

4. The mixture is a little runny but that is ok! Keep poking under the edges with a spatula and the pancake should form a circle(ish) shape. Once the pancake moves and/or is bubbling through the top, FLIP it. It is best to do this with a spatula

5. When both sides are cooked remove from the pan, add to a plate and then make some more!  Do not stack the pancakes when they are fresh off the pan as the heat can make them a bit wet

6. While the pancakes are cooling of a bit, chop some strawberries and use the frying pan to warm some blueberries

7. Stack your bananalisous pancake son separate plates, top with the fruit and serve

Banana pancakes topped with fruit

This batch serves: 4 banana loving people  (about 8 pancakes). These babies are fantastic for kids 🙂

TIP: While  your pancake is frying, top with some chocolate chips before you flip it over for an extra treat 🙂

So guys, how did it go? What do you think to the taste – very bananaery as you would expect eh?



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