Mango Curry

Creamy Turkey, mango and coconut milk curry

Christopher: Turkey is a great lean meat that’s not just for Christmas! If it’s cooked right it doesn’t have to be the dry disappointment that we are all so used to.

This thick creamy mango curry leaves no risk of that. Apparently mangoes cure cancer. Okay maybe we cant go that far but I read some science stuff that said something kinda maybe a little bit like that. There’s a massive list of vitamins that are in coconut milk as well which I won’t bore you with. Basically this curry is low in fat, high in goodnessyfull stuff and has lots of flavour. The curry itself is a lovely mild dish that is like a korma for people with taste buds. Its makes this Man-Go ‘yay’…. Sorry.’

This mangolishious curry takes: 1 hour including prep.

Mango Curry
Mango Curry

Get it: 

Three turkey breast cut into large cubes

Half an onion diced

A large mango peeled and diced

One tin mangoes in syrup, drained

One tin of coconut milk

One mug of basmati rice

Half a teaspoon of ginger

Half a teaspoon of paprika

Half a teaspoon of garlic granules

Half a teaspoon of ground coriander

One teaspoon of cumin

One teaspoon of turmeric

Two teaspoons of medium curry powder

A teaspoon vegetable oil

A few leaves of fresh coriander, roughly chopped. For garnish

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 09.56.28
Mango Curry

 Make it: 

1. In a large saucepan on medium heat, brown the turkey with the oil. Add the onion and cook until soft

2. Add in the dried herbs and the tinned mangoes. Stir together until the mangoes are mashed up. Season with salt and pepper

3. Add in the fresh mango and cook covered for 5 minutes

4. Add the coconut milk and cook covered on a low heat for 45 minutes

5. Cook the rice with twice as much salted water, cook until soft and fluffy

6. Serve the curry over the rice with a sprinkling of fresh coriander on top. Pop-a-doms and nnan are always a good addition. 

This curry serves: 

4 people who are tired of Kormas.

Was this dish what you expected? We were pleasantly  surprised at just how tasty it was! 🙂




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