Tomato, feta and red pepper couscous salad

Zoë: ‘This salad dish is quick, easy and deliciously satisfying. Feta cheese is low in calories compared to other varieties of cheese and is a fab source of protein, calcium, zinc and vitamin A – it is great to crumble over salads to add that tangy flavour. 

The cous cous keeps your fuller for longer which is why this salad is my go to when it comes to packing lunch for work’ 

This salad takes: 15 minutes

Get it:

Splash of balsamic vinegar

Ten cherry tomatoes (we used half a punnet)

One red pepper

100g of crumbled feta cheese (half a pack)

Half a cucumber

Pack of spring onions – roughly six

One vegetable stock

200g couscous (3/4 of a normal sized bowl)

Lettuce of your choosing, we used little gem

Cous Cous goodness
Cous Cous goodness


Make it:

1. Make couscous for two with vegetable stock, following the packet instructions. Leave to the side.

2. Dice red pepper and spring onions, half the cherry tomatoes and fry in a pan with a splash of balsamic vinegar – season to taste.

3. While the vegetables fry for 10 mins on a low heat, dice the cucumber and lettuce. Mix in a salad bowl with crumbled feta

4. When the cous cous is ready (around 10 mins) fluff with a fork and add to your salad bowl, mixing well.

5. Serve the salad and top with the fried balsamic vegetables.

This salad serves: 

2 people OR 6 as a side  – it isa great addition to a BBQ table 🙂

Told you this one was quick and easy! If you want to make more of a meal of it, top with sea bass or chicken strips.



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