Grilled Fish

Miso and sake marinated Sea Bass with sticky rice, tempura veg and a ponzu sauce

Christopher: ‘The Japanese love fish, nearly as much as they love miso, or sake, or rice or tempura veg. This dish is all Japan. Don’t be put off by the idea of deep fried vegetables, by using ice cold sparkling water you can make a lovely light batter which brilliantly compliments the sea bass. You may not have heard of Ponzu sauce but its a lovely thin citrus sauce with a little kick which is perfect for fish and works very well with a light fish such as sea bass’

This fishy dinner takes: 40 minutes

Grilled Fish
Miso & Sake marinated Sea Bass


Get it: 

One tablespoon of miso paste

Two tablespoons of Sake or other rice wine

Four tablespoons of mirin

The juice of two limes

The juice of one orange

Ten tablespoons of soy sauce

A teaspoon of chilli flakes

Four coriander leaves, roughly chopped

One mug of glutonious rice

Two skin on sea bass fillets

Six florets of broccoli sliced into half

Six florety things of cabbage sliced in half

One carrot cut into small batons

Half a cup of plain flour

A quarter of a cup of corn flour

Enough chilled sparkling water to make a batter (just have to judge this for yourself I’m afraid, you want it quite deep)

Enough vegtable oil for deep frying

A teaspoon of oil for the fish

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 20.21.35.png
Miso and sake marinated sea bass


Make it:

1. In a wide dish. Dissolve the miso paste in half a cup of hot water and allow to cool, stir in the sake and two tablespoons of mirin. Place in the fish and leave to marinate for a minimum of two hours. Make sure the miso has cooled before you put the fish in or you will end up with boiled sea bass.

2. Thoroughly wash the rice in cold water and leave to soak in two cups of salted water for at least two hours preferably overnight.

3. For the Ponzu sauce; mix together the remaining mirin, soy sauce, orange, lime, chili flakes, coriander and tablespoon of water and leave to infuse for at least 15 minutes

4. Heat the oil on a medium temp in a deep saucepan making sure it doesn’t get too hot. Meanwhile make a thick batter that should cling to the veg out of the sparkling water and both flours.

5. Coat all the veg in batter and using a slotted spoon deep fry in batches until lightly browned and crispy. Pat with kitchen roll to get rid of excess oil

6. Whilst you’re deep frying the veg put the rice on a medium heat and cook until all the water is absorbed, should take around 15 minutes. (resist the temptation to stir it) Leave it to sit off heat for five minutes after cooked

7. In a hot frying pan add the teaspoon of oil. Pat the fish dry with kitchen roll and sprinkle over a little salt and pepper. Cook this fish skin side down first for 3 minutes on each side.

8. Serve with a drizzle of sauce

Tip: once finished leave the oil to cool. Strain through a sieve and funnel into a bottle. This can be used again for more deep frying!

This Japanese dish serves:

2 people after a martial arts class.

It sounds like quite a bit of faff but it really isn’t! After you are done you will feel like  you are dying in your own Japanese restaurant 😀 Share your results below!



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