Yaki Soba

Yaki Soba

Christopher: ‘Yaki Soba is a wonderful Japanese chow mein dish which has nothing to do with soba noodles. This dish is so quick, so easy and so full of flavour. It has a beautiful fresh taste that is miles away from that of a greasy chow mein.’

This noodle dish takes: 30 mins

Yaki Soba
Yaki Soba

Get it:

150g raw prawns, peeled

One tablespoon ground nut oil

One tablespoon sesame oil

Two cloves crushed garlic

A thumbnail sized piece of ginger grated

One tablespoon rice wine vinegar

Two tablespoons mirin

Four tablespoons soy sauce

Two tablespoons fish sauce

Two nests of dried ramen noodles

One carrot thinly sliced

One pepper, cut into long strips

Five spring onions diced

One onion cut into long strips

The juice of one lime

Large handful of beansprouts

Make it: 

1. Marinate the prawns in the lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, mirin, garlic and ginger for at least half an hour

2. Heat the oils together in a wok or large frying pan and cook the pepper, carrot and onion until soft. Meanwhile, rinse the noodles and cook them in a pot of salted water.  Once soft leave to steam dry in a colander

3. Add the prawns and sauce mixture to the wok and cook until prawns are pink

4. Add the noodles, the beansprouts and most of the spring onions – stir in. Cook until the beansprouts soften just a little bit, should take less than 5 minutes

5. Serve topped with the remaining spring onions

This dish serves: 4-6 people

Do you prefer this chow-mein? We sure do!



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