A week of Spanish inspired recipes

Once upon a time Chris decided he really really wanted Spanish food , but what to have…

Too many lovely dishes and flavours to choose from (as it turned out usually a combination of tomato, onion and garlic topped with parsley). The obvious answer was to make lots of tapas, but we wouldn’t dream of doing anything so simple. One night of Spanish food wouldn’t do, but a week… Now we’re talking!

What we really wanted to focus on was broadening the horizons of our meal choices. It is so easy to fall into cook the same old routine of food; something with pasta, something with rice, something with potatoes, rinse soak repeat. But by narrowing down our meal options  with ‘themed weeks’ we were at the same time expanding it. Making a dinner plan for a week from just one country really meant we had to get creative with what it was we were eating….

When judging the recipes for our weeks its important to judge them as a whole, they together form a balanced and healthy diet (we hope). Of course I would normally love to stuff my paella with all the creatures of the sea plus chorizo, and chicken but then what would that leave me with for the rest of the week?!

Another important consideration is cost. We aren’t paid or sponsored to do any of this, it’s simply a documentation of what we (mostly Chris) cooks for dinner so it’s important to keep it affordable.

I really hope you guys give it a go, and tell us about it. What did you add? What did you leave out? What would your Semana Español contain? 

If you do you want to try the full Spanish week for yourself scroll to the bottom for the downloadable PDF of our shopping list complete with prices.


Next week will be…France.

The Spanish Week Meal Plan: – Vamos!

Day 1: Tapas for Two

Tapas for 2

Day 2: Homemade pork meatballs, seasoned with garlic, paprika & thyme – cooked in a butter bean stew

Pork and butterbean stew

Day 3: Chorizo & egg salad with new potatoes, fresh green beans and roasted cherry tomatoes

Chorizo salad

Day 4: Spanish lemon chicken thighs with crispy potato disks

IMG_0877 (1)

Day 5: Vegetable Paella 

vegetable paella
vegetable paella

Day 6: Chorizo, chickpea and spinach stew

Chorizo stew

Day 7: White fish and spicy tomato beans  (tastes better than it looks!)

Cod and Bean stew

Download the Spanish week shopping list

Did you give any of these dishes a go? Or perhaps you cooked up a ‘tormenta’ in the kitchen and finished off the whole week? We want to hear about your experiences below.

Adiós amigos 🙂



Shopping List – Below is a full list of items you will need in your cupboards to kick off Spanish week. We have included a full break down of costs, as you can see this weeks worth of shopping costs less than a meal out (it tastes much better too!)

Estimated cost:

£50 (We shop at Morrisons). This food shop makes 7 dishes!

Fruit and Veg

Five onions – 84p

One red onion -8p

Two garlic bulbs – 55p

Seven carrots – 41p

One thing of celery (seriously what do you call it) – 78p

One bag of spinach- £1

Six mixed bell peppers – £1.72

One park of salad tomatoes – 58p (3 let over)

One bunch of flat leaf parsley 72p

One bag of frozen green beans 54p (80% left over)

Three lemons – £1.02

Twelve large white potatoes – £1.76 (2.5kg bag 50% left over )

Ten baby new potatoes -£2

One pack cherry toms – 91p

One head white cabbage -77p

Two oranges – 60p

Total: – £14.28

Meat and fish

One chorizo sausage – £2.23

Four skin ofn chicken thighs  – £2.50

500g pork mince  – £1.83

Two cod fillets – £4

Prawns – £3.50

Total: – £14.07


Paella Rice – £1.11 (half bag left over)

Crusty loaf – we used coburg cob – 50p 

Six eggs – £1.27

A tube of tomato puree – 37p (90% left over)

One bag of couscous -67p (75% left over)

One carton of passata – 50p

Total: £4.42


Three cans of chopped tomatoes – £1.05

Two can of butter beans – 76p

one can of cannellini beans – 48p

One cag of chickpeas – 38p

Total: £2.67


Red wine – £4 (50% left over) no need for good wine when mixing with oj and lemonade

One not from concentrate orange juice – £1.23

One bottle Lemonade – 54p

One bottle of  dry white wine – £4 (75% left over)

Total £9.77

Left over: 75% bottle white wine, 50% bottle red wine, 90% tube tomato puree, 75% bag coucous, 80% bag of green beans, 50% bag of potatoes, 50% Salad tomatoes)

Shopping list total minus left over food: £47.84

From the Cupboard

Olive Oil

Rock Salt

Black Pepper 

Chicken Stock

Sherry Vinegar

Caster Sugar

Ground Cinnamon

Ground Paprika

Dried Thyme

Dried Turmeric (or saffron if you got the dollar)


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