Cheesy pasta & paprika chicken bake

Zoe: ‘This is comfort food at it’s finest. An indulgently cheesy carb overload with a tasty paprika kick when you get to the chicken in the middle. Very proud of this one as I learnt to make a roux… not sure what that is? Read on!’

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This dinner dish takes: About 45 of your earth minutes to prep and cook.

Get it:

A baking dish/glass dish/whatever it is called

A dob of butter for greasing it

250g of pasta, thats half one of those normal bags if you don’t have any scales (like me)

2-4 chicken breasts (not boney ones). Cut them into strips or cubes. You can use meat-free if you prefer of course.

1 onion – Feel free to add any other veges, mushrooms and spinach go well.

Bit of olive oil – to pop in the pan

2 tbsp of Papriaka

Seasoning (A posh word for salt and pepper)

Make it:


1. 50g plain flour – about 6 tbsp

2. 50g butter – about 2bsp

3. Pint of milk

4. 1 tsp of mustard (preferably Dijon)

5. 100g of Parmesan cheese OR 100g of Emmental cheese – use the tiny grater holes

6. A few tomatoes cut up all tiny.


1. Shove the oven on 200 degrees and butter the dish

2. Cook the onion and pasta (did you know you can cook onion in boiling water? I didn’t)

3. Put some oil in the pan and cook the chicken on a high heat – when it starts to look golden cover with Paprika and sprinkle with salt & pepper(you probably need more than you think). Put to the side when done.

4. Now it is sauce time. Grab a large saucepan and melt the butter in it. When it is all ‘liquidy’ add the flour (judge this as you go) and whisk together to form a roux. (A roux looks kind of lumpy so keep mixing so it doest stick) . Add the milk SLOWLY, bit by bit whisking over a high heat until the sauce is smooth and thickened.

5. Let the sauce boil for 5 minutes. KEEP MIXING. When it is all added and the lumps are gone, put in the mustard and all the cheese – mix it together and season (again more than you think).

6. Looking good? Now stir in the pasta with the onion. When it all looks covered over in cheesy goodness, spoon half of it into the dish.

7. Put the paprika chicken you just made over the top evenly and then cover it with the rest of the cheesy pasta.

8. Decorate with little bits of tomatoes and sprinkle on a little more cheese for good measure

9. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes until piping hot and golden-brown on top.

10. DIG IN

This dish serves:

A group of 4 – add a side salad to make it look fancy.

Let us know if you try it – We hope it turns out OK 🙂



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